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November 2009 Mon 23 – Sun 29   December 2009 Mon 10 – Sun 16   January2010 Mon 4 – Sun 10 Mon 18 - Sun 24   February 2010 Mon 1 – Sun 7 Mon 22 – Sun28   March 2010 Mon 8 – Sun 14 Mon 22- Sun 28   April 2010 Mon 5 – Sun11   Following is more information about the program  
5-7 days Herbal Detoxification Program in South Anjuna, GOA!  
Surrounded by nature with a hygienic sterilized set-up, the program is designed of:
      Pre-fast and Iridology Consultation
      Detoxification Drinks
      Herbal Intestinal Cleanser Supplements –imported-
      Internal Tissue Cleansing Enemas –twice daily- we are using colema board with coffee, garlic and effective microorganism (EM)
      Replacement of friendly bacteria’s with Implant Enemas
      Introduction into a Healthy Diet 
      Personal Consultation in Nutritional Healing                

WHY A COLON CLEANSE   With evolution of modern society the internal body is being stressed and overloaded with chemicals, toxins, air pollution and radiation. Not to mention the toxins we ingest through our mouths. The poison of processed and demineralized foods, pesticides, food coloring, preservatives and greasy, acidic-based food can cause excessive stress on our bodies. When the system becomes stagnant and can no longer rid itself of toxins, chronic disease manifest. Effective cleansing and body detoxification is the key to a healthy balanced system.By eliminating toxic accumulation the causes of many health problems are also eliminated. The body is then able to fight off infections and bacterial invasions more efficiently.It is in the colon that invariably has to be cored first. The body cannot properly absorb nutrients, vitamins and health Supplements if it has a congested and toxic colon. When the colon is dirty the blood is dirty. The body needs to rid itself of toxins and waste material.   
It is simple: Detoxify and then rebuild properly

Keywords: diet, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

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