PTBCHA-S (Para Tertiary Butyl Cyclohexyl Acetate - Super), 4-tert-butyl, Vertenex

By: Hindustan Polyamides & Fibres  10/12/2011


Chemical Name :

Synonyms :

CAS No. :

EC No. (EINECS) No. :  

Molecular Weight :                         

Formula :

HS Code:            

Flash point:

Odour :


PTBCHA-S is a versatile, stable and substantive ingredient that can be used in a wide variety of fragrances to impart the creamy reach floral note. It is used as a blender / modifier in countless types of fragrances varying from woody to floral; from pine to rose etc.

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PTBCH (Para Tertiary Butyl Cyclo Hexanol), p-Tert-Butyl Cyclohexanol

PTBCH has a dull woody camphoraceous odor and is used in perfumes to provide these impressions.


OTBCHA (Ortho Tertiary Butyl Cyclohexyl Acetate), Verdox, Agrumex , Ortholate

Due to its good stability, the product is used as a perfume material for toilet soaps, detergents, body care formulations and household products. OTBCHA has a fruity citrus odour with a woody camphoraeous undertone.


Benzyl Salicylate, Salicyclic Acid Benzyl Ester, Benzyl o-Hydroxybenzoate, Phenyl Methyl Ester

Widely used in floral fragrances like carnation, wallflower, lilac, lily of valley, etc. Benzyl salicylate is a nature-identical flavoring substance as defined by IOFI. Due to its very powerful taste, it is used in fruity flavors like apricot, banana, peach, plum and also the floral flavors. Benzyl salicylate has a very faint sweet, slightly balsamic odor.


Hamber, Amber Fleur, ISO E Super, Anthamber, Dimethyl Myrcetone, Boisvelone, Derambrene

Hamaber is used to impart smooth, woody, amber note with a "velvet" like sensation and floralizer. It gives the strength to wide range of fragrances.


PTBCHA (Para Tertiary Butyl Cyclohexyl Acetate), cis-2,4-tert-butylcyclohexyl acetate

It is a versatile perfume material for toilet soaps, detergents, colognes, shampoos, creams, incense sticks and other low-cost fragrances. PTBCHA is widely used in perfumeries along with ionones, cedarwood products, floral and non-floral perfume chemicals.