By: Initiative Mpv  10/12/2011
Keywords: Distribution Systems, Water Distribution, Multiport Valves

We manifacture multiport valves for wide range applications. Multiport valves are used as filters, softners and also as for water distribution.
Our products are broadly categorized as follows

  • Full/Semi Automatic multiport Valves
  • Manual Multiport valves
  • Distribution Systems
  • Accessories

We also customize the products to suite for clients requirement based on the ordered quantity. Please contact us or send an email to [email protected] for more details.


  • Semi automatic - Push a key and the entire programmable regeneration cycle takes place and comes back to service automatically
  • Fully Automatic - Backwash / regeneration cycle is initiated automatically with an external pulse, flow sensor input, pressure switch, conductivity meter etc
  • Blind actuator – The auto mpv will operate as per commands from an external PLC
  • ..more

Our Product range in the manual multiport valve is as follows

  • 20NB(20mm) Multiport Valves
  • 25NB(32mm) Multiport Valves
  • 40NB(40mm) Multiport Valves
  • 65NB(65mm) Multiport Valves

Please register with us to get more information on the technical specification, assembly instruction on these valves.

  • Ejectors
  • Brine Directors
  • Air Release valve

Keywords: Distribution Systems, Multiport Valves, Water Distribution