Projects based on 8051 for Electronic Diploma Holders

By: Innovation R&D  11/01/2011
Keywords: Industrial Automation

Innovation R&D providing Projects for Diploma Holders



1. Microcontroller Based Digital clock with Alarm

2. Microcontroller Based Digital code lock

3. Password based Door Locking System

4. PC-MC Communication

5. Prepaid Energy Meter

6. Telephone control Motor

7. PC Remote Control

8. Home Security System

9. Fingerprint based Security system

10. Fingerprint based Electronic Voting Machine

11. Bidirectional Visitor Counter

12. Motion Detection with ATM Security

13. Biomedical monitoring system

14. Automatic Plant irrigation system

15. Simple Electronic Voting Machine

16. Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor counter using Seven Segment/or with LCD

17. Digital Calendar

18. Electronic Component Tester

19. Automatic College Bell

20. Microcontroller based Caller id

21. Parallel Telephone with Autosecracy

22. Frequency Counter using 8051

23. Digital volt meter using 8051

24. Data Acquisition System using 8051

25. Traffic light controller using 8051

26. LCD Based Digital Alarm clock with Digital Thermometer

27. Distance Measurement using Infrared sensor with ADC0804/8051 Microcontroller

28. Stop Watch using 8051

29. Simple Toll plaza system using low frequency RF-id interface with 8051

30. Liquid level alarm using 8051

31. RF-id based secured access system using 8051

32. 8-candidate quiz buzzer using 8051

33. Clap counter using 8051

34. Heart rate meter based on 8051

35. Monitoring and controlling of Green house Effect

36. Moving Message Display using 8051

37. Metro Train Prototype using 8051

38. Car Security system

39. Single story Car Parking System

40. Electronic Eye using 8051 1.Fire Fighting robot

41.Six Channel Petrochemical fire monitoring station


Robotics projects


Fire fighting project


2Ball Following Robot


3.Combat Robot

4.PC based Mobile Robot

5.Line Follower Projects on different color surface

6.DTMF based Mobile robot

7.Speed Control of Motor

8.RF based Robot

9.Sumo wrestling Robot

10.Obstacle Avoidance Robot

11.Speech control robot

12.Survilliance robot


Automation Projects


1.SMS Control Relay Board

2.Voice Recognition based Car System

3.Voice Recognition based Home appliances

4. 5.PC to PC Laser Communication

5.Infrared Remote Switch

6.Interactive Voice Response system

7.RF Based Automatic meter Reading

8.RF Based Remote control

9.SMS through Telephone

10.Telephone controlled motor

11.Telephone controlled remote switch

12.Two Line Intercom

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Keywords: Industrial Automation