BD Venflon™ / BD Venflon Pro™ / BD Neoflon™ Intravenous Cannula

By: Lifeline Surgicare  23/09/2009
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Intravenous Cannulas    

BD Venflon™
(IV cannula for continuous and intermittent therapy)
Catalog# 391456 (14G), 391455 (16G), 391493 (18G), 391492 (20G), 391491 (22G)      

BD Venflon Pro™
(BD™ Vialon biomaterial)
Catalog no. 393210 (14G), 393209 (16G), 393207 (18G), 393204 (20G), 393203 (22G)

BD Neoflon™ Cannula
(Straight IV Cannula for paediatric / neonatal use)
Catalog # 391350 Available as 24G

I.V. Catheter with safety features against needlestick injury and also minimizing the risk due to blood exposure.

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Keywords: Disposable Surgicals & Pharma Products, Hospital Suppliers, Medical Disposables, Nursing Home / Diagnostic Centres Vendors,