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Keywords: Incometax Software

The Software Covers-:
Income Tax: Computations , preparation and filing of returns (paper and/or e-filing) along with suitable
computation sheet.
TDS: Computes TDS, prepares certificates, quarterly/annual returns (paper and/or e-filing).
FBT: Fringe Benefit Tax, similarly covers computations, return preparation of paper/ e-file formats.
Wealth Tax : Computes, prepares and generates WT returns.
Financial Statements: Keeps track of Balance Sheet, P & L, Trading Statements including carry forward to next year.
Advance Tax: Computes and prints challans with suitable formats. Also covers early reminders through email/SMS.
Billing: Well presented bills along with/without Service Tax supported along with ledgers and outstanding reports.
Audit Forms: Covers various Audit Forms, which in turn has data flow into the return of income.
Monitor Returns/ Received and Pending Documents: During course of filing returns document movements are
tracked by the system. SMS or emails may be send to clients intimating them of pending documents.
Movement of Shares: Tracks share investments of clients, caters to opening, sales and purchases and self transfer
to Capital Gain chapter.
Document Presentation: It is not just a computation software but covers a rich set of reports in well presentable
and self-explainatory format. All the statutory reports are designed as per the rules and regulations of Income Tax
department and other reports are available based on the valuable feedback of customers.
Benefits of being a Sinewave Customer
System Requirement
Why AMC?
Customers Support Service
lCompany has 24+ years of experience in the field of taxation and software development
l6000+ customer base
lProducts are updated as per amendments in tax laws
lUser- friendly interface
lOne year free tech support from date of purchase
lCovers F.Y. from 2005-2006
lTAXBASE updates are available online

Keywords: Incometax Software

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