TIENS Blood Circulatory Massager - TIENS BCM

TIENS Blood Circulatory Massager - TIENS BCM from TIENS INDIA

By: TIENS INDIA  05/04/2011
Keywords: Weight Loss, Skin Care, Back Pain

Best Blood Circulation improver

Relevant fundamental knowledge

  • The Blood Circulative Massager, with magic helical healthcare regimen as base principle, is designed to massage the feet’s reflex area to obtain the effect of enhancing health.


  • This product has integrated many theories through its unique design and modern technology, such as meridian science of TCM, human engineering, biomagnetics, bioholography, qigong regimen, acupuncture and moxibustion as well as health preservation. 


  • This machine is provided with feet massage function. The mini-massage plate can make you feel comfortable both in sitting or standing position. The single speed high frequency vibration is easy for use. 

Efficacy of the product

  • Regulates the meridians, smoothens Qi(energy) and blood, supplys oxygen, dispels toxin and prolongs life
  • Cleans blood vessel to facilitate blood circulation and enhance metabolism
  • Strengthens visceral function; and improves digestive and absorption function
  • Activates cell and improves immunity
  • Enhances the balance of internal secretion by stimulating and massaging the points
  • Regulating blood microcirculation can take the effects of facial beautification and health caring.
  • Over weight
  • Respiratory Disorders
  • Arthritis, Low Backache
  • Sciatica, stiff joints and muscles
  • Beauty-skin problems
  • Frozen shoulder, fatigue, numbness & many more

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