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  • Curd (made of CHR Hansen-Denmark Culture)
  • Ghee (made from fresh Cream)
  • Mysore Pak (made from 100% pure ghee, authentic sweet)
  • Butter milk & sweet Lassi

We have different varieties of milk to suit our consumers.

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Our milk is homogenized and pasteurized, pure and fresh. Our milk comes in different packages to meet to the requirements of our consumers. Our milk caters to people who seek healthier lifestyle. We maintain ideal quality standards consistency.

Our Ghee is immaculate and in granular form, just like homemade ghee. The taste and aroma are exquisite, with unmatched quality. Our Adityaa Milk Ghee comes in 200 ml pouches for Rs 41/-, in 500 ml pouches for Rs 99.50/-, in 1000 ml pouches for Rs.195/- and also in KGS tins boxes for Rs. 2400/-.

Our Mysore Pak is made from 100% pure ghee. Our Mysore Pak is the most delicious product, one has ever experienced. Our Adityaa Milk Mysore Pak comes in 250 gms boxes for Rs.35/-, ½ KG boxes for Rs.70/-, 1 KG boxes for Rs.140/-.

Our Adityaa Milk Ice cream are made from pure and rich milk, which come in wide varieties, and in different packages, to fulfill the requirements of the consumers. Our natural flavors like Mango, Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Chickoo, Strawberry, Rasberry, Banana, Papaya, Coffee, Butter Scotch, Chocolate, Tooty fruity, Black currant, Anjeer, Tender coconut, Water melon, Choco chips, Vanilla, Pista, are made from pure pulp extracted from the fruits. Our exotic flavours like Dry fruits sundae, Fresh fruit ice cream, Choco fudge and Adityaa Milk special are simply irresistible. All our regular varieties come in small, medium and large family packs.

Our Curd has a incomparable taste. The ageing of the curd is done properly and it is released on attaining adequate maturity. Hence the thickness of the curd remains intact till used.

Our Buttermilk is very well prepared using milk and natural spices. Which make the buttermilk so special and different others. Our buttermilk is thoroughly pasteurized and is totally bacteria free.

Our Lassi is made from rich, fresh, natural milk, the taste, thickness and quality of the lassi gives ecstatic experience to lassi lovers. Our lassi is homogenized and pasteurized. Our lassi is highly delicious and healthy.

Aditya milk ice cream spells class in quality & taste. Aditya milk ice creams are made from pure milk, fresh cream, high quality skimmed milk powder, stabilizer emulsifier & sugar. Aditya milk ice creams go through strict quality check & hygiene is given paramount importance. Aditya milk ice cream natural flavors are made from genuine pulp, extracted from fresh fruit. Aditya milk premium quality ice creams in exotic flavors are truly irresistible, yummy & delicious.

Keywords: Ghee, ICE CREAM, Milk, Quality Standards

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