By: The Brand Foundation  31/12/2010
Keywords: Architecture, Branding Agency, Real Estate Branding

Our core team includes an award-winning, British RIBA registered architect.

Our seemless branding and architecture process has assisted clients across the globe.

At The Brand Foundation, architectural design is the process and buildings are the result. We should be measured by the quality of the design of these products. We do not promote over-design – in other words, design for design sake – such as extraneous elements and after thoughts. Design is, at its best, barely noticeable. It should have an understated confidence that is simple, elegant and efficient. Good design is an enabler that allows us to live efficiently and in harmony with our environment. It should permit at its most basic, good hygiene and ergonomic efficiency and at best, piece of mind, tranquillity and a better quality of life. Further more good architecture should stimulate the senses providing tactile and visceral pleasure. We use it as a springboard for the regeneration of failing areas of cities or as an indicator of quality and standards, in order that the projects are elevated head and shoulders above their peers.

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Keywords: Architecture, Branding Agency, Real Estate Branding