Cover up tattoos, tattoo cover up kamaflage makeup & camouflage make up by Sacha

By: Sacha Cosmetics  10/12/2011

Second Skin Kamaflage Foundation
  • Kamaflage is the only Cover Up that perfectly matches your natural skin color.
  • It has maximum coverage and easily conceals all skin blemishes.
  • It fits like a Second Skin and you never have to worry about looking two-toned.
  • Use to cover tattoos, marks, acne, vitiligo and rosacea.
  • It is water resistant with excellent rub-off resistance. Suitable for all skin types.

"I love the powder foundation, loose powder and the Kamaflage. The Kamaflage does an excellent job of covering my acne scars and current breakouts. The setting powder do a great job of setting the foundation along with the fixit spray."

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They leave no silica residue so darker women never look ashy in photographs or under stage lighting. If you work on different skintones these 6"x12" acrylic are the only palettes you will ever need. Our foundations match from light to dark skin and all the exotic tones in between. I love Sacha makeup because it fits all skin types. Makeup Artist Palettes for all Skin tones.


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Love the colour payoff of your blushes and lipsticks stain your lips so even when it's gone there is still some colour because I hate to re-apply. For now its just blush and lipsticks but that is so going to change. I am a firm believer in supporting local business.


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Sacha, for years, I've been looking for the perfect matching powder for my skin and couldn't find anything. They perfectly match your natural skin tone, giving you an exotic sun-kissed look. Use alone or with our yellow-based foundations for the most spohisticated finish. Developed for women with exotic skin and for those who want to look more exotic. They are yellow-based and fit like a Second Skin.